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On-site Physical Therapy

Ergo Solution, Inc. customizes on-site therapy and ergonomic programs to meet the unique needs of your employees and workplace. This approach decreases costs and enhances productivity of your work force.

On-site services at no additional cost to employer.

An ongoing challenge to employers is controlling the costs, liability, and loss of production associated with workplace injury. In addition, the state of California and OSHA have mandated legislation and guidelines, which are both rigorous and time consuming to the employer. Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are the largest single job-related injury and illness problem in the US accounting for nearly $1 of every $3 spent on workers' compensation cost of more than $15 billion to employers (Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Ergonomics Program Final Rule, 65 Fed Reg 68262 2000). The average high-risk workplace spends $250,000 on MSD (musculoskeletal disorder) claims per 100 employees per year (Journal of Occupational Health & Safety, Jan. 1991) without factoring in the hidden costs such as low morale.

Traditionally, most employers use outside providers for physical therapy services. Potential pitfalls of this approach include delayed scheduling and variable quality of care. In addition, the employees' work is disrupted, time is spent away from the job, and travel expenses are incurred. These factors increase claim costs that in turn increase premiums. Cost savings with on-site physical therapy average $1,000-2,000 per case. Fewer therapy visits result in less time away from work.

Carpal tunnel syndrome receives a lot of media attention and results in more employee days away from work than any other workplace injury. The median number of days away from work for carpal tunnel syndrome is 25, compared with 20 for amputations and 17 for fractures (US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Lost-Worktime Injuries and Illnesses: Characteristics and Resulting Time Away From Work, 2000. Washington, DC, US Bureau of Labor Statistics; 2002).

Research shows that 47% of workers return to their pre-injury jobs with outside clinic based therapy programs compared to 85% with on-site therapy programs.


· Full service injury evaluation and
  treatment offered on-site.
· Injury prevention programs.
· All therapy performed by state
  and nationally licensed therapists
  with background in industrial care.
· Customized employee stretching
  and exercise programs.
· Triage screening evaluation.
· First aide therapy intervention.
· Functional Capacity Evaluations
  (can be customized).
· Second opinion on outside care.
· Individual job risk analyses.
· Restricted duty design, assignment,
  and supervision.
· Worker Comp management seminars
  for supervisors.
· Ergonomic analysis per department
  or company-wide.
· Training of the ergonomics team.
· Participation on the ergonomics team.
· New employee injury prevention
  screening and orientation.
· Problem-solving with occupational
  health nurse or safety staff.

· Decreases worker's compensation costs
  and wage replacement.
· Early intervention therapy facilitates
  rapid return to work.
· Enhances productivity by minimizing
  work interruption.
· Reduces injuries and encourages
  occupational bonding.
· Rehabilitation focused towards
  individual job requirements.
· Improves attendance and speeds
  recovery time.
· Stimulates employer involvement and
  control over the recovery process.
· Instills safe work behavior and
  tools to avoid re-injury.

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